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When is the best age for my child education?
The brain cells of a child is on their max to the age of 3. On their first 2 years, the brain cells has grown to 75% of a full-grown brain. When it reaches to 5 years old, it has grown to 90% of a full-grown brain. From this fact, it shows how important to start early education as early as possible.

What can my children learn at this early years of their education? A child with early education will develop a positive thinking in their social living be it at school or in the community in the future. And more, a child will learn things faster and will view study and reading are a very joyful things to do rather than duties from their parents and teachers. They can socialize and interact better, adapt skills in analysing, more tolerate and passionate towards others. And the more important thing is that the child will have more confidence on themselves.

What education will be taught in the school?Knowledge: learning on facts, concepts, ideas and vocabularies.
Skills: inclusive of learning in developing motoric sensor or agility
Disposition: to analyze and respond to certain situation
Feelings: controlling emotions and expressing how they feel to others

Why Miki Mini Playgroup and Kindergarten for your child?
Because, at MM we teach your child with a learning while playing system. Your child will be given knowledge and skill in 3 languages, which are English, Mandarin and Bahasa Indonesia. And we also provides facilities like:
1. Class Room
All fully air-conditioned room with a capacity not more than 20 students per class with 2 experience teachers. With our one to one teaching concept, each child development will be more monitored.
2. Music and Arts Room
With their early introduction to music (violin, piano, vocals) and arts, we expect to discover the child potential and sharpened their talents. We understand that with music and arts, a child will be more passionate and tend to control their emotions better and also helps them in developing high self confidence.
3. Computer and Audio Visual Room
Introducing children with IT worlds and occasional learning from educational audios and videos in order to enhance their learning interests and concentration.
4. Cooking Room
Introduction of tools and cooking ingredients they can find in the kitchen. The purpose is to let the children learn on the usage of every tools and tastes of every food, like sugar is sweet and salt is salty. And we will teach some simple food recipes for the children to make. Something such as sandwiches, cookies or salads.
5. Sempoa (Abacus) and Flash Cards
6. Library
We have hundreds of useful and colorful children book for the children to read. introduction to book in their early years in hope of developing reading as a habits.
7. Playing Ground
8. School Transport Facility
We will provide transportation with an experience and caring driver and accompanied by teachers.

How much do I have to pay?
With these facilities and a national plus school standard, we can claim to be the fairest priced school in Batam with no compromising in our passion and affection towards giving the best knowledge to your children. And special on this April, we will subsidise 25% from the registration. Please do call us for price and bring your children to the school and we can arrange trial class for your precious to join for few days with no obligation.

call us for more informations:
Kompleks Ruko Accelence Blk A no. 18-19
tel. +62 - 778 - 748 3458 - 702 6321
web: www.miki-mini.com
email: sekolah_mikimini@yahoo.com
Pasir Putih - Batam Centre Core


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